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SHID POKHT Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Broiler, Gril, Oven, ...
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Shidpokht Commerical kitchen equipment

Consulting, designing and supplying all kinds of industrial kitchen equipment such as Kebeb Cooker, Pot, Oven, Meat Grinder, Kebab Maker, Counter, Barbecue, Dishwasher

Shidpokht Industrial kitchen equipment
Shidpokt company, addition to producing different kinds of industrial Kebeb Cooker, supplies 0 to 100% industrial kitchen equipment and satisfies all of our customers' needs in the field of kitchen and restaurant equipment. Our experts first advise them on the type and capacity of their clients' business and offer them the best model to suit the client's space and work. We are proud of our trust in more than 1,000 public and private customers.

Product Category

Appliances and Machine used in restaurants, industrial kitchens, Catering and Indusrial kitchen are known as Commercial Kitchen Equipment. Due to the importance of food hygiene, all industrial kitchen equipment must be made of steel to ensure food safety.

Customers like their food ready early. Therefore, kitchen equipment in restaurants should be able to prepare food faster. for this reason restaurant and catering managers are interested in automated equipment.

Quality and After Sales Service
Equipment plays a vital role in restaurants and industrial kitchens, Failure to do so will cause severe and irreparable damage. Therefore, the quality of industrial kitchen equipment is very important Restaurant and kitchen managers and chefs should pay particular attention. Purchasing inexpensive, inexpensive equipment can disrupt kitchen operation and cause consumer dissatisfaction and high cost.

Industrial kitchen equipment consists of different types of appliances and equipment that are divided into different groups according to the type of application and the part used in industrial kitchen and restaurant.

Classification of industrial kitchen equipment by application

Forecasting and planning for the number of meals provided per meal determines the model and capacity of each equipment in industrial restaurants and kitchens. Each equipment has different models depending on the capacity of the restaurant and kitchen.