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کباب پز تابشی

Shidpokht is the inventor of radish kebeb cooker machine for resturants and commercial kitchen in Iran. In Now Shidpokht produce 20 models of radish kebab cooker machine at automatic, salamander (broiler), simple and home models.

SHIDPOKHT is the main inventor of radiant barbecue and the largest manufacturer and exporter of radiant barbecue in 20 different models for restaurants, industrial kitchens, fast foods, barbecues, livers and two models of home barbecues.

How Does A Radiant Barbecue Work?

Radiant grill is a device for cooking Kebabs by generating heat and irradiating infrared waves to the depth of the meat, which has been welcomed by restaurant managers and skilled chefs due to its many benefits. Unlike cast iron and gas grills, this grill has a uniform heat and penetrates the inner layers of the meat. This type of grill works with city natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (capsule) and has a thermal efficiency of 90%. This high efficiency significantly reduces gas consumption and increases profitability and economic productivity. The kebab cooked in this kebab maker is very juicy and the kernel is cooked and customer-friendly, and it is healthy and hygienic due to the cooking of the top of the meat. Radiant Barbecue was designed and manufactured for the first time by KHALLAGH DAMAGOSTAR ARAK (SHIDPOKHT) Company and has been nationally registered as an invention under the name of SHIDPOKHT Company.

Features And Benefits

Due to the high heat and depth penetration of the meat, the cooking speed with Radiant Grill is higher. Also, because the cook does not need to set the fire, it is simpler and less laborious to work with. The most important thing about this type of barbecue is that it is smokeless. This grill does not smoke at all because it does not spill water and oil on the hot surfaces, which means that your kitchen does not need a centrifugal fan.

  • 100% smoke-free and no need for a fan and centrifuge hood in the kitchen and restaurant
  • High cooking speed and less work for grilling
  • No need to adjust the fire and heat
  • Significantly reduce gas consumption or eliminate coal and increase profitability
  • Baking mold for all kebabs, steaks and grilled fish, etc.

Mechanism Of Operation Of The Barbecue

In radiant grills, the refractory ceramics of the burner are melted by the burning of natural gas and emit infrared waves. These waves penetrate deep into the meat and cause the meat molecules to heat up and cook. For this reason, kebabs are cooked in this type of kebab maker. Of course, the hot air in front of the burner also participates in the cooking process and forms a fried layer on the kebab, which makes its taste very delicious.

Smokeless Barbecue Cooking

Pouring oil and meat fat on hot surfaces is the main cause of smoke in ordinary barbecues. This smoke, which contains toxic substances, settles on the meat and harmful substances enter the body with food. In addition, for ventilation of smoke in industrial kitchens, a hood with suitable dimensions and a centrifugal fan must be installed, which in addition to cost, also consumes energy. On the other hand, it also creates problems for the environment. One of the reasons for the popularity of radiant barbecues is their smoke-free function. In radiant grills, due to the heat radiation from the top to the bottom, a water tray is placed on the bottom of the machine, which pours water and oil out of the meat and no smoke is produced.

Types of Barbecue and Place of Use

SHIDPOKHT grills are produced in 4 main models.

  • Automatic Barbecue

    For caterers, reception halls, hospitals, barracks and corporate kitchens to cook large quantities per serving
  • Manual Barbecue

    For barbecues, restaurants, delicatessens and fast foods
  • Automatic Booking Line

    For industrial kitchens, halls and hospitals, barracks and corporate kitchens
  • Homemade Barbecue

    For houses, villas, barbecues, apartments

The Main Parts Of The Barbecue

Radiant grills have a steel chassis that is electrostatically painted and its body is made of 304 steel sheet. These barbecues have a radiant burner to generate the necessary heat and the barbecue skewers are placed on the work table (manual models) or hooks (automatic models). In the Salamander model, there is a shelf or grill on which fish and steak are cooked.

Advantages And Features Of Overcooked Barbecues

  • Juicy barbecue cooking, cooking brain, customer friendly
  • Cooking all kinds of shredded kebabs, leaf kebabs, chinjehs, Soltani kebabs, Bakhtiari kebabs, chicken, fish, steak and hamburger
  • Low gas consumption
  • No smoke
  • Can be used with city gas and Kaspol
  • Use of Canadian apogee ceramics
  • after sales service

Naming Of Radiant Barbecues

Barbecues made by KHALAGH DAMAGOSTAR ARAK Company are named precious stones based on lakes. Therefore, esteemed customers should remember not to buy various barbecues called SHIDPOKHT grills.

  • Rail Model Names
    • Diamond model - 40 skewers - length 210 cm
    • Opal model - 30 skewers - length 170 cm
    • Pearl model - 20 skewers - length 140 cm
    • Granite model - 40 skewers - length 210 cm - barbecue length 50 cm Bonabi
    • Lal model - 30 skewers - length 170 cm - length of barbecue 50 cm Bonabi
  • Salamander Models Name (Elevator)
    • Khazar model - 40 skewers - length 210 cm
    • Gohar model - 30 skewers - length 170 cm
    • Hamoon model - 20 skewers - length 140 cm
  • Automatic Model Names
    • Crystal model - 1400 skewers per hour
    • Diamond model - 1200 skewers per hour
    • Emerald model - 1000 skewers per hour
    • Golden model - 750 skewers per hour
    • Ruby model - 400 skewers per hour

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